Increasingly, our real estate clients are taking on complex multidisciplinary projects that require a depth and breadth of legal services that inevitably cross traditional departmental boundaries. Comprised of U.S. and Brussels lawyers focusing on no fewer than 10 practices within the firm – from tax and debt finance, to environmental and antitrust law – the real estate development services team offers sophisticated assistance to clients at every stage of the real estate development process, from due diligence at the outset of a project, to deal closing and beyond.


  • Entity formation and identification of funding sources
  • Site opportunity search identification feasibility due diligence
  • Distressed real estate
  • International capabilities
  • Land acquisition and project-specific funding commitments
  • Project design and preliminary political outreach
  • Land use zoning and public approval process
  • Construction and financing
  • Post-entitlement approvals and dispute resolution
  • Project delivery, leasing and sales
  • Ongoing asset management services, land use amendments, real estate appeals, landlord/tenant relations